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September 2023,
Volume 2,
Issue 1
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and IIMA The 'CRs' on Campus: Ever evolving Classrooms at IIMA Anant Raje and the 'Ravi J. Matthai Auditorium' complex on campus Prakriti- Nature & Sustainability Club IIMA's tryst with innovation: 3TP (three-tiered programme) and management development experiments in the initial days The Mahindra's 'Museum of Living History' News and events
June 2023,
Volume 1,
Issue 4
How did 'Management in Agriculture' enter IIMA's Mandate? Facilitating the Establishment of the IIMA Computer Network and The History of Computer Networks at IIMA IIMA's Private Pedestrian Underpass Prayaas Preparing Management Teachers and Researchers: The Doctoral Programme at IIMA Gujarat State Archives (GSA) News and events
March 2023,
Volume 1,
Issue 3
Kasturbhai Lalbhai and IIMA IIMA's Faculty Development Programme: The Early Years The 'Haveli' on Campus: Anant Raje and the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Management Development Centre Perspectives: The Photography Club Of Committee-led Governance and the first Postgraduate Programme (PGP) Committee Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum News and events
December 2022,
Volume 1,
Issue 2
Remembering Ravi J. Matthai FORSAW, SOMA and FII - Students Learning to Apply their Knowledge 'Steeling' the Tree-and-Vine of the Logo 'Stargazers' at IIM Ahmedabad Where was IIMA's first Convocation held? Tata Central Archives News and events
September 2022,
Volume 1,
Issue 1
The Pioneers History of Sports at IIMA Louis Kahn and the IIMA Campus Virasat - The Heritage Club of IIMA '310, Camp Road', IIMA's First Home The Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum, Ahmedabad News and events

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