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Why Art on the Campus

Art has the unique power to arouse an entire gamut of emotions - from delight at its beauty and creativity, to awe at its imagination, size and scale, to reverence at its godliness, to dismay at its exposure of uncomfortable truths, and indeed to inspire multi-layered feelings that can sometimes be too complex to describe in words. Art speaks not only to our senses, but at its best, great art speaks directly to our souls.

Art is integral to the spiritual development of the individual. Yet, despite its central role in the development of Indian civilization, for a variety of historical reasons, the study of art rarely finds a place in mainstream Indian higher education.

India has been blessed with numerous forms of tribal, folk, and cultural art - there are more than 40 genres of traditional art. Most of us are not aware of this rich legacy and the importance of art to our culture and the livelihoods of those that create them. Time we gave these art forms centre stage! [Read More]

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