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PhD Programme
Abhinandan K. Jain, first doctoral student of IIMA, at the convocation in 1974.

The IIMA PhD Theses Database is available on this link

In 1971, IIMA became the first IIM to start a doctoral programme that later became known as the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM). For the first few years, it was advertised as the FBA (reflecting business administration rather than management). For several decades, the degree granted was 'Fellow of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad'. Following the passage of the IIM Bill in 2017, the IIMs could finally offer degrees and IIMA conferred the PhD Programme in Management title during the 2019 convocation.

The doctoral programme typically required two years of course work followed by some years of research work under a thesis advisory committee. The first year of coursework was common with the PGP students for many years before the programme switched to a system where distinct core courses were offered in the first year itself.

Prof. C. Rangarajan was instrumental in initiating the doctoral programme at IIMA and Abhinandan Kumar Jain was the first doctoral student who graduated from IIMA in April 1974. Various details of the programme until 2016 were documented in the following volume:
IIMA (2016). Exploring and Expanding the Frontiers of Knowledge: A Compendium of Dissertation Abstracts of the Fellow Programme in Management. IIMA: Office of the Fellow Programme in Management.

More information on the current doctoral programme can be found on this link.

Between 1974 and 2024, 471 students received doctoral degrees at IIMA in the following Areas:
Production and Quantitative Methods (PQM) / Operations & Decision Sciences (ODS)- 65, Public Systems Group-62, Organizational Behaviour-61, Marketing-60, Economics-52, Business Policy/Strategy-42, Finance & Accounting-40, Personnel & Industrial Relations (PIR) / Human Resource Management (HRM)-39, Centre for Management in Agriculture (CMA)- 26, Information Systems-15, Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation-9.

A list of former IIMA faculty members is available on this page.

Among those faculty members who served as Chair of the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) until March 2024, the following were Chairs for more than 7 students:
Shukla, P.R. (23), Dholakia, Ravindra H. (14), Khandwalla, Pradip N. (14), Vohra, Neharika (12), Sahay, Arvind (12), Joseph, Jerome (11), Rangarajan, C. (11), Bhatnagar, Deepti (10), Dixit, Mukund R.(10), Laha, Arnab K. (10), Pandey, Ajay (10), Garg, Amit (9), Koshy, Abraham (9), Basant, Rakesh (8), Chand, Vijaya Sherry (8), Kalro, A.H. (8), Sinha, Piyush Kumar (8), Singh, Manjari (8).

Among those faculty members who served as Chair or Member of the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) until March 2024, the following served on the TAC for more than 7 students:
Shukla, P.R. (42), Dholakia, Ravindra H. (39), Laha, Arnab K. (32), Vohra, Neharika (32), Basant, Rakesh (28), Pandey, Ajay (26), Dixit, Mukund R. (25), Khokle, Pradyumana (23), Dholakia, Bakul H. (20), Bhatnagar, Deepti (19), Gupta, G. S. (18), Bandyopadhyay, Tathagata (17), Joseph, Jerome (17), Khandwalla, Pradip N. (17), Maheshwari, Sunil (17), Morris, Sebastian (16), Chandra, Pankaj (15), Chhokar, Jagdeep S. (15), Garg, Amit (15), Rao, T.V. (15), Singh, Manjari (15), Pangotra, Prem (14), Rangarajan, C. (14), Sahay, Arvind (14), Sinha, Sidharth (14), Bhat, Ramesh (13), Jacob, Joshy (13), Noronha, Ernesto (13), Satia, J.K. (13), Varkkey, Biju (13), Chand, Vijaya Sherry (12), Ghosh, Diptesh (12), Jayaswal, Sachin (12), Koshy, Abraham (12), Raghuram, G. (12), Sheth, N.R.(12), Sinha, Piyush Kumar (12), Verma, Pramod (12), Gupta, Anil K. (11), Karna, Amit (11), Tirupati, Devanath (11), Chaudhuri, Shekhar (10), Das, Abhiman (10), Kalro, A.H. (10), Naik, Gopal (10), Sarin, Ankur (10), Sharma, Sunil (10), Tripathy, A. (10), Gandhi, Vasant P. (9), Mathur, Navdeep (9), Pareek, Udai (9), Saha, Jahar (9), Verma, Sanjay (9), Banerjee, Bibek (8), Bhandari, Labdhi R. (8), Gupta, Parvinder (8), Gupta, Vishal (8), Manikutty, S. (8). Mavalankar, Dileep (8), Misra, Sasi B., Moulik, Tushar K. (8), Pandey, I.M. (8), Rao, V.V. (8), Saiyadain, Mirza S. (8), Sinha, Ankur (8).

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