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A collection on 1940s Oxford Pamphlet Series on Indian Affairs: 25 Pamphlets, published by Oxford University Press between 1942 to 1946, donated by Prof. Gyanesh Kudaisya from the National University of Singapore (NUS) (as received from Prof. Robin Jeffrey, Visiting Professor at NUS and an Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University (ANU), and originally belonged to the late Prof. B. C. L. Johnson from ANU). The series was conceived by R. E. Hawkins, who was then General Manager of Oxford University Press India, based in Bombay.

Pamphlet No. Title Author Year of Publication
1 The Cultural Problem A. J. Appasamy, Sir Abdul Qadir, Sir Rustom Masani, Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Sir Jogendra Singh July, 1942
2 The Position of Women [Not Available] Lakshmi N. Menon
3 The Economic Background K. T. Shah, P. J. Thomas, J. C. Kumarappa, Sir Datar Singh, Sir Jehangir Coyajee July, 1942
4 Indian States K. M. Panikkar July, 1942
5 Democracy in India A. Appadorai July, 1942
6 Ceylon H. A. J. Hulugalle September, 1942
7 Social Problems S. Natarajan September, 1942
8 The Food Supply Radhakamal Mukerjee October, 1942
9 The Land and Its Problems Sir T. Vijayaraghavacharya January, 1943
10 Industrialization P. S. Lokanathan January, 1943
11 Languages and the Linguistic Problem Suniti Kumar Chatterji April, 1943
12 The Health of India [Not Available] John B. Grant
13 Iraq Seton Lloyd June, 1943
14 The Aboriginals Verrier Elwin July, 1943
15 The Educational System [Not Available] K. G. Saiyadain, H. V. Hampton, Amaranatha Jha, Ranjit Chetsingh, K. Venkataraman, P. N. Joshi
16 Atlas of India A. M. Lorenzo September, 1943
17 Burma Ma Mya Sein November, 1943
18 Wartime Prices [Not Available] P. J. Thomas
19 The Problems of Population [Not Available] Gyan Chand
20 Tariffs and Industry John Matthai February, 1944
21 Nutrition [Not Available] W. R. Ackroyd
22 Racial Elements in the Population B. S. Guha June, 1944
23 Soil Erosion Sir Harold Glover August, 1944
24 The Meaning of Dominion Status [Not Available] B. M. Bose
25 Winning the Peace F. L. Brayne November, 1944
26 Siam [Not Available] Sir Josaish Crosby
27 Broadcasting [Not Available] Seth Drucquer
28 Mineral Resources A. M. Heron May, 1945
29 Malaya G. S. Rawlings May, 1945
30 Tibet David Macdonald July, 1945
31 The Union of South Africa P. P. Balsara July, 1945
32 Industrial Location Bimal C. Ghose December, 1945
33 The Chinese Peasant Chen Han-Seng December, 1945
34 Transport [Not Available] F. P. Antia
35 Architecture [Not Available] Claude Batley
36 Iran Muhammad Iqbal July, 1946
37 Assam [Not Available] Alban Ali, Eric Lambert
38 National Harmony [Not Available] Percival Spear
39 Cooperation [Not Available] W.R.S. Satthianadhan, J.C. Ryan
40 Australia and New Zealand [Not Available] T. K. Critchley

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